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Current Control Charts

This page links to the controls charts for the current and one previous fiscal years. Charts prior to that can be accessed thorough the dropdown list below. Internal Audit performs follow-up work and reassesses the control environment of units and/or projects until issues ranked as essential are satisfactorily addressed. Internal Audit uses bar charts to provide pictorial displays of the units or projects control environment.


AuditIssue Date Audit #
Review of Compliance with Board of Regents Bylaws and Operational Policies for the Board July 2018 1901
Employment Eligibility Verification August 2018 1902
2018 Review of Select Advancing Human Research Protection Items August 2018 1903
Office of Athletic Compliance Control Evaluation September 2018 1904
Mechanical Engineering September 2018 1905
MN Extension Services Control Evaluation September 2018


Destiny One Registration System Control Evaluation September 2018 1907
Fixed Price Closeout Process November 2018 1908
Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women's Health November 2018 1909
Review of Controlled Substances in Research November 2018 1910
Academic Health Center Information Systems (AHC-IS) December 2018 1911
Review of the Request for Outside Consulting (ROC) and Report of External Professional Activities (REPA) Processes January 2019 1912
Residency Determination January 2019 1913
UMD Police Department (UMDPD) January 2019 1914
Travel Expenses January 2019 1915
University of Minnesota Libraries January 2019 1916
Libraries - Minitex Control Evaluation January 2019 1916
School of Physics and Astronomy January 2019 1917
University of Minnesota, Crookston January 2019 1918
UMD School of Fine Arts March 2019 1919
OIT Business Office April 2019 1920
Office of Investments and Banking April 2019 1921
Technology Commercialization April 2019 1922
The Hormel Institute April 2019 1923
College of Veterinary Medicine May 2019 1924
Office for Community Standards May 2019 1925